Succulent Plant Care Guide

Congratulations! You have a beautiful new designer succulent garden. Plants are good for the soul, and good for the environment. Not to worry if these are the first plants you’ve ever owned or if you don’t have much of a green thumb as succulents are some of the easiest plants to care for. We hope your indoor garden inspires you as much as it inspired us to handcraft it for you.

Potted To Perfection

Living Décor™ succulents are grown in our California nursery. We plant them in decorative and functional hand poured organic concrete. Concrete is porous which allows the roots of your new plants to breathe and thrive. The pigment used on the concrete is natural and we top each pot with white stones for a refined finish. Between the white stones and the succulent-friendly soil mix you never have to worry about proper drainage. 

Succulents Love Light

Succulents require about 10 hours of direct sunlight per day, so be sure to place them in or near a bright window. The more sunlight they get, the warmer and richer their colors evolve. Your succulents will grow gradually but if they start to stretch out it is a sign that they aren’t getting enough light so move them to a brighter spot. Outside you must be mindful of too many hours of direct sunlight burning your succulent leaves, which can be identified by brown or black spots, but it is unlikely that your indoor succulents will burn. If they show signs of burning move them to a window with lower light.

When To Water

We have designed our succulent gardens to be low-maintenance. Water your succulents just twice per week by adding one spoonful of water to the roots. If you have a cactus in your pot, you only need to add one spoonful per week as they are hardy and require less water to thrive. Unlike some of your other indoor plants, succulent leaves do not like to be wet, so do not spray them with a water bottle.

Low Humidity

Succulents do not like to be wet and they do not thrive well in humidity. If you live in a humid environment keep your succulents in a temperature-controlled room. If they remain in humidity for long, they will absorb the moisture in the air through their leaves, which will result in overwatering. Their leaves may begin to discolor and seep water and eventually fall off. If you notice this happening move to a cooler room in the house for the summer months and don’t water until they dry out.

Dusting Your Succulents

Succulents don’t like to be dirty. Overtime your succulent will get dusty. Remove dust with a soft and dry cloth. However, it’s hard to reach the layers of leaves with a cloth, so you can also use a soft paintbrush that is used only for dusting your beautiful new plants. Unless you live in a high-dust area you should only have to dust your succulents 3 or 4 times per year.

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