What Colors Communicate
Terracotta Orange: This color represents boisterousness, good cheer and excitement. It usually gives a feeling or emotion of ease and comfort. Best for celebrants, recovering patients or co-workers to lift their spirits. It can be used at celebrations, homes, receptions/ waiting rooms.


Merlot Red: This color represents sweetness and love. It gives an affectionate and heartfelt emotion or experience. Best gift for a romantic partner or close relative. It is best used at homes and work spaces.


Pink Rose: This color represents the feminine nature, elegance or refinement. It gives a feeling of being in control, stylish and being looked up to. Best gift for female coworkers, bosses and role models. It is perfect for homes and offices.


White: This color represents purity and exploits. It gives an emotions or feeling of being appreciated and loved. Its either perfect for a clergy, or a coworker to celebrate a recent achievement or promotion, best used at religious venues, homes or offices.


 Sand: This color represents ease and excitement. It gives the feeling or emotion of joy and relaxation. This is the ideal color to set someone at ease or to gift someone for an exciting event, e.g. birthdays and weddings. It is perfect for homes, celebratory decorations and schools.

Grey: This color represents conservativeness and sophistication; it also has a depressing meaning to it, symbolizing dullness and loss. It produces both a feeling of elegance and solitude, perfect for a loved one. Best used at funerals and memorials.

Taupe: This color represents serenity, style and modernity. It gives the feeling or emotion of relaxation. It is best for welcoming guests and making them feel at ease, best used at homes and offices.


Daisy Yellow: This color represents positive energy, gives the feeling of joy, happiness and cheerfulness. This is the perfect gift for friends and romantic partners. It is best used at events and homes.


Charcoal: This color represents elegance and class. It gives the feeling of strength and an air of coolness. It is the best gift for male friends and acquaintances. It is best used at homes and offices.


Mint: This color represents tranquility and ease. It gives the feeling of calmness and relaxation, best gift for relatives, friends and acquaintances. It is perfect for decorating homes and offices.


Blue: This color represents depth, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith and truth. It gives the feeling of confidence. It is the best gift for close friends and acquaintances, used at homes and offices.




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