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Welcome to LivingDécor™ Growing.  

I am Maria Colletti, horticulturist, traveling workshop instructor, avid forest hiker, author of 2 indoor-gardening books and houseplant botany geek.  Let me share my voice with you.

Let’s travel to the Earth’s elements. Organic materials inspire the use of flora, concrete, water, fire, and wood.  This inspires Living Décor designs. 

What exactly is Living Décor? It is nature-inspired display. Yes, design that is alive! 

Biophilia (bio-phil-ia) is a concept of human desire or need to commune with nature; where nature is brought closer to wherever we are.  We can use nature to nurture ourselves in our work spaces and living spaces; which today may very well be the same spot. This makes it even more important to engage our senses of sight and touch with natural elements and utilize our innate bond to nature that we need, maybe even crave.

Nature boosts our mood, wellbeing, and even productivity.  How does it do all that?  It’s a simple concept I like to think of as ‘natural distraction’.  Your life is full of electronic and relationship distractions. These are good things.  But, we could use more natural distractions to feed positive energy into those other parts of life.

If you can touch and land your sight on a natural living thing, this will give you a moment to take a deep breath, raise your happy emotion and give your mind a brief respite.  Within minutes, your blood pressure lowers, you have inhaled oxygen with a boost to your immune system all by admiring nature.

Now, ideas can flow, productivity can return, and you are on your way to good health and happiness.

This is pretty powerful, magical mojo! 

I wish you the spark of joy that nature brings!  Till we meet again…Be well.

~ Maria



Maria Colletti ~  Horticulturist, Author, Lecturer and Author of two indoor gardening books. 

Living Décor, Botanical Styling pulls together all the trends such as, top popular houseplants, urban jungle styles, botanicals in entertainment, geometric terrariums, macramé décor, and how to create your own photo stylist vignettes.

Terrariums Gardens under Glass has sold 12,000+ copies worldwide. Terrariums covers design, step by step, materials, suppliers, and verdant living moss with houseplants including Japanese trends, Kokedama, Marimo, and mini indoor gardens.



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